Weather in Fagared

About the station

This website summarises weather data logged by a weather station using the polished and highly customisable Weewx software (version 3.1.0). Weewx downloads a data record from the weatherstation every 5 minutes and stores it in an archive database. It also creates all the graphs and webpages which are uploaded to the website every 5 minutes.

The location is Fagared in Lindome, Sweden. The station is a TFA sinus connected to a RPi running debian linux

The webpage skin is designed in Bootstrap

Online since 2011


Changed from Intel Q6600 to a Rasberry pi rev b

From windows to Linux

From Cumulus to Weewx


From Oregon Scientific WMRS200 to TFA Sinus weather station


Added Steel gauges and Forecast


These "cheap" weather stations are not very relialble

Loses the connection to the sensors every now and then.

Have to restart it to get sensors up and working again, not impressed.

The Pondcam:

2016-Aug-05 01:00